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Who is the Rail Cargo Group? What is moving us? And most importantly: What are we exactly moving?

Take a look behind the scenes and find out everything about the topic transport and logistics.

Rail freight goes digital

The rail freight sector has undergone a drastic change in the last decades. Globalization is the commandment of the hour. The world is growing together and the connection of the markets is drastically increasing, not least because of new technologies and the fast digitalization initiative. Also thanks to the social media phenomenon. And the Rail Cargo Group goes digital too.

A high pace of change and the linkage enable new products and quality standards. We want to position our services as the top rail freight provider as uncomplicated and appealing as possible – directly at our customers. The great potential of the digitalization is located in the area of the development of innovative (digital) products and services.

For this, the RCG blog serves as a platform in order to boost the exchange of ideas between customers, partners and employees.

The uppermost credo for us: create value and open up new perspectives. Therefore, you will discover insights in cutting-edge projects, exciting stories and initiatives of the Rail Cargo Group and the European rail freight sector.

Welcome to the world of rail freight – Click your way through!